Our Services

Unfortunately, I am unable to take new clients at this time.
Please see the referral page for names of sitters that I have heard good things about!

I absolutely ADORE cats and do my very best, each and every visit, to make your baby feel loved, happy and secure in your absence.

Unlike the usual 30 minute visits offered by many other sitters, my visits are 40 minutes (or more) of focused, very personalized attention and company for your kitty. Does your baby love to play with interactive toys? I have a wide selection to choose from so that I can find the perfect fit for your cat’s play style.

Does she or he prefer to just sit and be petted or brushed? Then that is what I will do. Whatever it is that makes your kitty feel doted upon is what I will do. Knowing your baby is happy and having fun will make YOUR vacation all the more enjoyable. No guilt, no worry. Just wonderful peace of mind.

My rate is $30 for a 40-minute visit and this also includes, of course, litter box cleaning, feeding, freshened water and medications given, if needed. The charge of $30 per visit stays the same for up to five cats in the household. Above that number, I do need to charge a bit more per cat. Also, if there is more than one kitty who needs medication, I may need to add a surcharge, due to the amount of extra time involved.

I also rotate blinds/curtains, indoor/outdoor lighting and retrieve the mail/newspapers to make your home look “lived in”.

A small number of plants can be watered, as well, without an extra charge. Again, if there are a large number of plants that require attention, then I do need to charge an additional fee for the added amount of time.

My service area is from Chuckanut in Fairhaven to the Cordata area. Unfortunately, I cannot do sits that are in Sudden Valley (anything past Coronado Avenue) but parts of the County may be possible, depending on how far out your home is. Please see my referral page for people who cover other service areas.


I happily accept credit cards. They are good on my end and since they are convenient and often give the client points and miles, credit cards are a win-win….so please feel free to pre-pay with a credit card!


Cancellation Policy: 8+ days notice….no charge.
2-7 days notice—-25% of service due.
48 hours or less—-50% of service due.
Thank you for understanding. If I don’t have time to notify my wait list of a cancellation, charging a percentage at least helps in the monetary loss to my business.