Lisa Ahmari is the most trust-worthy and conscientious pet sitter I’ve ever worked with. My cat and parrot both absolutely love her. Lisa takes the worry out of traveling when you have to leave your pets behind.
Mary M.

Lisa Ahmari makes Lucy, my cat, happy. While I work 5 days a week, Lisa checks in on my critters. She makes a world of difference in all our lives. When I get home, Lucy greets me, happy with her day. She is an indoor cat and needs a little added attention, and Lisa gives her that–extra pets and a flowering of catnip, as well! Lisa loves animals, and they know it. Bellingham Bay Pet Nannies success story is due to her dedication to people who have 4-legged critters as full-fledged family members. I couldn’t recommend her enough! Thank you, Lisa.
Mary G.

My cats love my cat sitter more than they love me!! Bellingham Bay Pet Nannies is a wonderful caring cat sitting (and other pets) service that has wooed my cat babies.  If you want your kitties to be happy, entertained, loved, and expertly cared for while you’re not able to be there to do it yourself, call lovely Lisa at Bellingham Bay Pet Nannies.  She is the absolute best and most professional in Bellingham.  Mary Ann

When we’re going to be out of town for a while, we need a good cat sitter to keep our anxious cats company. And for cat sitting, we’ve never known anyone who provides as much value for the dollar as Lisa. She’s a Bellingham treasure–friendly and with a great instinct for animals. She’s always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty for our cats.  Chris Loar and Barbara Lehman

Lisa from Bellingham Pet Nannies has been my cat sitter for the past 2 ½ years and I couldn’t be happier.  My cats love her and I know they are in good hands when my husband and I are out of town.  Lucy DeGace, Bellingham

Lisa, thanks for all of your great work with all of our critters. I frequently recommend you as the most conscientious, professional & personable caretaker that we have ever found for our animals. You have gone above and beyond our expectations time and again.
The Bellingham Pet Nanny, Lisa Ahmari, has provided outstanding care for our varied menagerie. Our ranch is our business and we can only entrust the care of our llamas, alpacas, goats and reindeer to Lisa.
If she’s not available–we don’t go!
Cherie Koss Waldo
DreamSeeker Ranch Reindeer &
DreamSeeker Ranch Alpacas

Put simply, Lisa is one of just a very few people that we feel completely comfortable leaving our animals with, and the others are all related to us! When she is caring for our furry family of five, we simply don’t worry at all (and that’s saying something!). She somehow manages to remember all of our pets’ idiosyncrasies and she appreciates their crazy personalities. She treats them like true members of the family, which they are to us. She brings them presents at Christmas, surprises them with special treats, and takes time to give them love when she’s here.
Most importantly, she helps us take good care of them by paying attention to their health and well-being and alerting us to any behavior that’s out of the ordinary. Last summer she noticed that our kitty, Runty, was being especially reclusive and let us know right away. That comment, coupled with the vomiting we observed ourselves, made us decide to take her in to get checked out. It turned out she was seriously ill with pancreatitis and hepatic lipidosis. She was very, very sick for several weeks, but our vet said that getting her to the clinic so soon helped improve her chances of surviving. Without Lisa’s observations and comments to us, I don’t think we would have realized the situation on our own until a couple more days had passed, which could have been dire in this case. She sincerely cares about our family, and I can’t tell you how much we value her…..her sense of humor, her genuine love for our pets, her attention to detail, her thoroughness and her professionalism. My husband and I are always saying to each other, “What would we do without her?”. We recently considered a move to Portland, Oregon for a job opportunity, and I must say that when we made our pro and con list to help decide, “Lisa Ahmari” was most definitely on the pro list (reasons we should stay in Bellingham). We felt sure we couldn’t find a pet sitter anywhere else that we would feel so comfortable with.
Our other favorite thing about Lisa is the notes she leaves us when we’re away and she’s staying at our house. We truly want to hear every ridiculous detail about what each pet did while we were away. We don’t just want to know that everything went OK. We want to know if the kitties snuggled with her and if Maggie barked at the wiener dog on their walk, and if Dave’s drooling got better or worse, and who slept with her on the bed. And, that’s just what we get – a blow by blow report of the days we were away and we love it. It makes us feel like we didn’t miss too much with our family. And, most importantly, we know that someone who loves them was here while we were away. What more could we ask for?
I could go on and on. She’s the best.
Kristine D.

I am so happy that I found Lisa to care for my 2 cats when I’m away. She does more than just care for them – she LOVES them! She’s very reliable, goes out of her way to help with special care information when needed. I can enjoy my trips without worrying how things are going at home.
Shirley J., Bellingham, WA

We have been blessed to have had Lisa Ahmari as our Pet Nanny for over 5 years. Like most people, we have always had a hard time leaving our pets before we found Lisa. Lisa has made this easy for us. Our pets, 2 dogs and a very sassy cat, love Lisa and look forward to her every visit.
Lisa loves our animals as much as we do and I know that we get much more attention than we pay for, because she genuinely cares for them and doesnt want them to be lonely. She leaves informative notes after every visit, cleans up the poop in the yard and cat area and leaves the animals spoiled and happier than before she arrives.
I have seen Lisa interact with lots of pets and she has a special bond with them unlike anyone I have ever met. You can tell she loves them and cares for them. Lisa is the best and I don’t know what I would do without her!
Diane G., Bellingham, WA

If you are looking for the perfect nanny for your pets, then look no more. Your search is over with Lisa. We have three bulldogs, two lizards and at one time a hampster and a beta fish. Lisa took care of them all. She will figure out your pets needs and personalities in no time. You can leave town and know your pets are in BEST hands possible. She is highly reguarded as a professional in this field.
Thank you.
Renay J. Daniels & Garbo
RE/MAX Whatcom County, Inc.

Our family highly recommends Bellingham Bay Pet Nannies to anyone needing help with their animals. Lisa Ahmari has done an amazing job taking care of our dogs and cats for many years. We are always pleased to have such peace of mind when we go on vacation because we know that our animals will be so well taken care of. Lisa never ceases to amaze us by finding something extra thoughtful to do and she always goes above and beyond the call of duty making sure that every last detail is taken care of. Most importantly our young children feel relieved that their beloved four-legged family members get kissed, hugged, walked, fed and loved every day while we’re gone. We are truly thankful for Lisa!
Kyle and Robin, Bellingham

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