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About Lisa
My name is Lisa Ahmari and ever since I was a small child I have felt an extremely strong connection with animals. Growing up, I had a variety of pets, from dogs and cats to chinchillas and lizards. In 1992, I began working professionally with animals. I worked for several years in boarding kennels, for breeders, veterinarians and in the field of pet sitting. In addition to this, I have volunteered a good amount of time with dog and cat rescue organizations.

Pet sitting definitely turned out to be my niche and caring for CATS, in particular, felt more like a vocation than a job. The bond I feel with cats is all-encompassing. Cat-sitting is a branch of animal care in which I can give cats tons of one-on-one attention and affection…….all in the setting they love best: their own homes. Because cats feel most at ease in this setting, I get to care for a feline that is more relaxed and receptive than he or she would be in other situations. Because I am the sole provider of the cat sitting side of the business, your cat never has to ‘get used to’ another nanny……and this relationship is incredibly important to me.

I am passionate about cat sitting and take my responsibilities extremely seriously: your babies, your home, your possessions, your privacy… I get such a kick out of caring for cats that my job never feels like work. The cats sure seem to understand my passion and love for them, and a happy pet will make YOU happy!

Lisa the Cat Nanny