Dr. Lisa Pierson, DVM
If you have a chance, PLEASE take the time to read the information on Dr. Pierson’s website. It will help you make the very best life possible for your feline kids!

–ALL books by Pam Johnson-Bennett
–“Cat Wrangling Made Easy” by Dusty Rainbolt
–“Catification” by Jackson Galaxy

Lisa the Cat Nanny’s “Best of Bellingham” referrals are listed below. I have either had great experiences with these service providers or have heard great things about them but, please, ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE before engaging anyone’s service. I am only passing on information in a casual manner. I have not run background checks, checked past client references, etcetera. That is up to the person seeking the referral.

Traditional and Overnight Sitters:

Boulevard Bark
(360) 232-4215
They do offer overnight sitting.

Carol of Aunt Carol’s Pet and Home Sitting
(360) 318-5606

Pet Sitters By The Bay
Thomas and Angelina
(360) 296-3647

Kim, Barkley’s Best
(360) 325-2926

Abigail Lee
(360) 739-2676 
Abigail is wonderful and does offer overnight sits in addition to regular sitting. Please see her website for details.

Jean Ryan
(360) 393-2132
Jean loves cats and will do a great job for you.

Best Doggy Hotels
The Canine Lodge
Deb Bruner
(360) 927-6033
“Amazing fun for stays and overnight care for dogs under 35 pounds.”

The Upscale Puppy
Lupita, (360) 332-2136
“Disneyland for dogs under 25 pounds!”

Best Mobile Vets for Cats:
Cedar Grove Veterinary Housecalls
Dr. Juli and Dr. Jill
(360) 592-9127
These women are amazing. They are experts at examining even extremely tough to handle cats. They are two very experienced vets who work together so the pet parent is never required to try to subdue his or her kitty. They are wonderful. They are also incredibly good with “end of life/euthanasia” issues. Professional yet deeply compassionate. I can’t recommend them strongly enough when it comes to this service, in particular. For both cats and dogs.

MacInnes Mobile Vet
Dr. Tiffany MacInnes
(360) 961-8040
Dr. Tiffany is a wonderful, caring and very knowledgeable vet. She is excellent with kitties. She is also a super compassionate vet to call for end of life/euthanasia for both cats and dogs.

(253) 220-6207
These traveling vet techs are wonderful. They do subcutaneous fluids for cats, help with medicating, nail trims and various other services in YOUR home so that your kitty does not have to go through the stress of the carrier and car ride to the vet. Really a great service!

Chuckanut Feline Center (Formerly The Cat Clinic)
1214 Dupont St., Bellingham
(360) 922-0167
All cats all the time. No dogs in the waiting room. Very cat-centric, kind-hearted vets. Good wellness packages, as well.

Pet-Friendly Real Estate Agent:
Jeff Duncan, ReMaxx
(360) 441-2121
Jeff is an absolutely wonderful person and MAJOR animal lover. I have known him for almost a decade and can tell you he is honest, kind, diligent, respectful, creative and an extremely hard worker. He will find you your dream home or sell your home….or BOTH if that is what you are looking to do!

Renay Daniels
(360) 220-5813
Renay is incredible.  She will work like a dog to sell your home.  She is full of great ideas, energy, enthusiasm, intelligence and commitment and is just, all in all, a very cool person!

Kristi and Chris Thorndike-Kent of Windmere Real Estate
(360) 920-7477

Pet-Friendly Web/Graphic Designers:
Keith & Patricia Turley of Imagine Design Studio
(360) 319-0697
These guys are excellent.  Creative, patient, efficient, fun!

Pet Supplies:
Pet Stop
(360) 738-3663
Devin, the owner, is a great guy.  Knows his stuff.  All the people who work there are friendly, helpful and animal lovers.

Mud Bay
on Lakeway and Samish (across from Fred Meyer.)
Excellent good quality pet supplies. Well-informed staff!

Best Charities:
Whatcom Voice of the Animals
(360) 650-0556

Whatcom Humane Society (of course!)
(360) 733-2080

Furbaby Rescue
(360) 332-5560

(360) 733-6549
“It is impossible to overstate how unbelievably important WeSnip is to ANY community. Spaying/neutering is THE MOST VITAL part of helping in the world of animal rescue. Talk about a dollar well-spent!”

Old Dog Haven
(360) 653-0311
“Such an amazing organization. Old dogs are the best dogs. Any help is deeply appreciated!”

Alternative Humane Society
(360) 671-7445

End Of Life Services For Pets
Life Cycle Pet Cremation
Bobbie Ruth Langley
(360) 778-9578
Bobbie Ruth offers a lovely end-of-life service for pets in Bellingham. Her goal is to make this time of good byes as stress free as possible. I have heard great things about how comforting this service is for people who are reeling from grief.

Beautiful, Local Handmade Cat Jewelry and Gifts
Kristin Noreen
Purring Panther Jewelry
These are darling pieces of jewelry and make wonderful gifts for the cat-lovers you know!

GlassWorks Northwest on
Kristi Thorndike-Kent
These handmade glass gifts are whimsical, super-fun and incredibly CUTE! They make excellent gifts or just adorable accents for your home!